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Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions are applicable to the www.magnolia.ro website. If you visit our online flower shop on www.magnolia.ro, you accept these terms and conditions. By using magnolia.ro and the services offered through it, you agree to be bound by these conditions of use, and guidelines. If you do not agree with any of these conditions and policies of use, you may not use magnolia.ro.ro site.



You agree that the supply of services or products will start immediately on completion of all formalities of registration required.
The information provided must be correct. Choosing registration, you bind provide us the correct name, address and other useful information. To correct or update this information,  Log in here.

By accessing the account and using the personal password you are responsible for all actions arising from its use. SC Comgaby Moln an not be held responsible for errors arising from negligence in the security and confidentiality of your account and password.

By accessing the account and using the personal password you are responsible for all actions arising from its use. Sc Comgaby Moln Srl can not be held responsible for errors arising from negligence in the security and confidentiality of your account and password.

You have to be over 18 years old in order to register on this site and order producs because some of them contain alcholic beverages.  The minimum age alcohol can be legally consumed is the minimum age when it can be purchased online (18 years old).

Magnolia.ro is a site designed, maintained by SC Comgaby Moln. The company has been established in 2002 and it has the following identification information: ID Code: RO15033251; Commerce Register ID: J12/62359/2002. Sc Comgaby Moln Srl reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove information from the Terms and Conditions section.

To review the updated version of the Terms and Conditions click on the "Terms and Conditions" link at the button of the site.


Sc Comgaby Moln Srl receives and stores information you enter at magnolia.ro. This information can include: name, address, phone numbers, and information regarding the way you use our services and products.
1. What do we do with the information you provide? The information you provide can be used by Sc Comgaby Moln Srl only to customize the services and products we provide in the following ways:
a. processing of your orders
b. providing services and products
c. solving and answering any requests or complaints
d. contacting you (incl. mail, email, fax, text messages, pager or phone) regarding special offers, products or services, if you selected this option
2. Distribution of your information Sc Comgaby Moln Srl will not distribute your information to any third party unless required by law. If a purchase is made by credit card, no information (such as number or expiry date) is stored on our local servers, transferred or stored. All the information is processed directly via Visa or MasterCard.


All content included on the magnolia.ro site--such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, and audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software--is the property of Sc Comgaby Moln Srl, and is protected by copyright laws. Copyrights are protected by copyright laws and intellectual property laws.


Sc Comgaby Moln Srl offers limited access to magnolia.ro. The following actions are prohibited:
- Transfer of data (unless data which can be cached) from magnolia.ro
- Modify of any data or information from magnolia.ro unless Sc Comgaby Moln agrees to it
- Change, reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or exploit in any commercial way, the site magnolia.ro or any of its components or information. Sc Comgaby Moln Srl can prohibit access to the site at any given time without having to explain the decision.


Magnolia.ro uses descriptions similar with the ones provided by the producer. Magnolia.ro does not guarantee 100 percent the accuracy of this information and can not be held responsible if the description is not complete, exact etc. The pictures are used for display purposes. If any of the products or flowers is out of stock, magnolia.ro can replace any of these with similar products which have the similar look and value as the original product. You can request at any given time a personalized bouquet or a different colors then what we have displayed on magnolia.ro


The final price is the one which was confirmed once the product has been delivered. If the price or any other product information has been incorrectly saved to the database and the shipping has not been processed yet, the customer will be contacted to confirm the original price. If customer can not be reached or he/she does not accept the new price, magnolia.ro can cancel the order and if necessary return the original payment. Magnolia.ro reserves the right to modify prices at any time based on any changes related to the commercial services.


Magnolia.ro delivers flowers to Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, anywhere to Romania in max 4 hours and worldwide in max 24 hours.The time limit for placing orders with same day delivery in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Targu-Mures, Brasov, Baia Mare is 19:00 from Monday to Sunday. Time limit for placing orders with same day delivery in the rest of Romania is 16:00 from Monday to Sunday. International orders will be delivered in max 24 hours from payment confirmation of the order.  All orders placed after this hours will be delivered the next day between 8-12 until 2 PM if the order date is the same with the delivery date. Magnolia.ro is doing its best to deliver orders at the date chosen by clients (for the worldwide deliveries we can guarantee only the day of delivery and not the hours )AM, PM) and on Sundays we don’t deliver flowers). By exception, there may be days when flower deliveries cannot be made such as:  holidays, bad weather conditions, free official days. 
Canceling an order can be made with 24 hours before the delivery date and the customer will be refunded totally the amount of money paid. If the cancelation occurs due to some errors of Magnolia.ro:
-The recipient refuses the flowers
- The information filled out by the client is wrong or incomplete – Magnolia.ro will keep the delivery taxes
-The delivery made another day other than the one asked in the order: if the customer wants to cancel the order, (s)he will receive the total amount paid, the delivery tax or second delivery on Magnolia.ro’s expense. The deliveries except the hours on our site don’t make the object of any complaint or cancel. They can be made if there’s a special request from our customers.

Orders placed on the website magnolia.ro are delivered using our couriers (not by courier companies).


The final price paid by the customer includes the product price and delivery charges. Sc Comgaby Moln does not require any additional charges when the product is bought. Magnolia.ro does not have any hidden taxes.


All the information related to the site is offered as seen for as long as it is available and with no additional guarantees. Magnolia.ro does not offer any guarantees in terms of the site or any of the products it offers. Sc Comgaby Moln Srl can not be held responsible if the site can not be accessed for a unlimited period of time, for either technical or commercial reasons. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by potential errors due to modifications, settings, upgrades performed by the hosting company .In this situation the hosting company is to be held responsible. Sc Comgaby Moln Srl does not account for the accuracy of the information display in the document on this site. Sc Comgaby Moln Srl reserves the right to change partially or completely the information on the site without notifying the users. Sc Comgaby Moln Srl can not be expected to update the site. Sc Comgaby Moln reserves the right to suspend or shut down the site without previous user notification. Sc Comgaby Moln Srl does not give any information regarding compatibility between the user's computer and this site. Magnolia.ro will be accessed willingly, users will assume full responsibility for visiting the site. The site can not guarantee the stock availability of the displayed products. Sc Comgaby Moln Srl reserves the right to refuse delivering an offer without further explanations. In this case the client will receive a full refund. If the products are damaged or can not be delivered, the customer can request a full refund of the paid price but no additional payments.

According to GEO 34/2014 S.C. ComGaby Moln LLC repay all amounts you received as payment from the end consumer, including, where appropriate, the costs of delivery without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the date on which it is informed of the withdrawal decision from the contract of the end user in accordance with art. 58.

Magnolia guarantees satisfaction with every order and allows you to send flowers with confidence anywhere in the world. We guarantee the high quality of our services. Still, if you are not completely satisfied, we ensure:

100% refund of the amount paid;

100% delivery of another bouquet;

100% possibility of keeping the first bouquet.



The price shown on the invoice will be the same as the one shown on the website at time of transaction, price plus VAT and delivery costs, if applicable.

Payment can be made by credit / debit card, by bank trnsfer, or by online order issued by the Post Office.
If payment is made online with credit / debit card is required to fill in the details. If the transaction was successful, the next screen provides information about the order.
SC Comgaby Moln Srl accepts the following credit / debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard / Eurocard, Maestro, including virtual cards Visa or MasterCard. Using the method of payment bank card credit / debit card, your order will be processed immediately.



Magnolia.ro can cession a third part for the delivery services without informing the clients, as it is unnecessary. Magnolia.ro will always be responsible towards the buyer for all obligations stated in contract.


Magnolia.ro operates according to all Romanian laws and stipulations.


Any disagreements or disputes between Comgaby Moln Srl (magnolia.ro) and customers will be solved through amiable communication. If this is not possible, laws will be applied and the corresponding institutions will be involved.


If any of the information mentioned above will be found null or invalid, this information will not affect the validity of any other information. Once the purchase and delivery has been process, the customer accepts the conditions and terms, as a contract between Comgaby Moln Srl and the client.